R. Austin Wallace, MD
Chairman, President and CEO
WV Mutual Insurance Company

Risk Management

The Mutual is committed to helping you implement risk management best practices. Our goal is to help you integrate risk management into your practice. In many practices, risk management takes effort and is done out of obligation and to meet compliance requirements. We will help you change this perception and practice.

Our risk management professionals have extensive clinical and professional liability experience. As a new company, we had the opportunity to acquire the very best talent in the field, both from within West Virginia and from around the country. Our team is excited to provide the highest quality risk management programs for our physicians. We are committed to introducing cutting edge, innovative risk management tools that will address the continually changing needs and risks that challenge physicians.

The Mutual is committed to assisting you in improving the quality of patient care and reducing exposures that can lead to litigation. Our risk management professionals want to be a resource for you and to help you understand and effectively manage the changing risks inherent in today’s medical practice. Please view us as a strategic partner to your practice.