R. Austin Wallace, MD
Chairman, President and CEO
WV Mutual Insurance Company

Tools For Managing Your Risk

The Mutual has developed sample documentation tools and forms to assist you in your practice. Many were developed based on claims research indicating specific areas of risk exposure. These tools may be used as resources to aid you in your patient safety initiatives.

All tools and forms are accompanied with an explanatory rationale. These tools and rationales are not legal advice and are not meant to substitute for medical judgment or standard of care. You should use or adapt the tools only if appropriate for your practice. You should always consult your own legal counsel for current legal advice as laws and regulations may change.

Many of these tools will lend themselves to an electronic application. If you are considering purchasing an electronic medical record system, please ask your vendor to review the tools (especially the medication list form, the comprehensive health data sheet form and the test/referral tracking log form) to see if they can be integrated into the system.